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Calypso bulbosa Orchid Seed Orders from within the USA and Canada

2013 seed is sold out. The 2014 harvest will be available in August 2014

International orders please use OUTSIDE THE US ordering

including military addresses

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Seed harvested July 2013

California residents please include 8.25% sales tax

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Calypso bulbosa Orchid 300+ seed

Suggested for a small box or bed, a 12"x 12" (30cm x30cm) area, research, miniature landscapes, special protected spots, one large wire covered nest. This is the most popular size for flasking in vitro. Shipping via USPS First Class mail for fast service. Packed in a glass half dram vial enclosed in a metal tin.

Price for this item $18.00

plus $3.00 shipping and handling.

Total for this item is $21.00



Medium Calypso seed Packet 1000 seed

Approximate seed coverage is a 2' x 5' area, (60cm x 150cm), about ten square feet in a protected area, box or niche or ten individual wire covered nests. Good size for multiple research plots, small scale landscaping. I ship USPS First Class mail for fast service. Packed in a glass half dram vial enclosed in a metal tin.

Price for this item $65.00

Shipping cost $3.00

Total cost $68.00


Large Calypso seed Packet 10,000 seed

not available for 2013 seed

Sows over a hundred square feet, a ten by ten foot area or about 100 individual wire covered nests.This is the best size for forest naturalizing. Packed in 10 glass half dram vials of 1000 seed each enclosed in metal tins. Custom packing to your specifications is available on this size up to 20 vials at no extra cost. Shipping is via USPS First Class mail.

Total price for this item $450.00


Please get in touch by email or snailmail by writing me at the mailing address on the bottom of this page with any questions or suggestions. Emails should include a subject line with the words calypso seed!

I welcome mail orders. I may allow time for the check or money order to clear and I ship on Mondays or Tuesdays. Please make checks payable to THE CALYPSO ORCHID COMPANY. Calypsogrower is the webmaster, shipping clerk and bookkeeper. Please write to me at:

The Calypso Orchid Company

PO Box 475

Philo CA 95466 USA

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